Pipe Repair Clamps

Pipe Repair Clamps supplied nationally across Australia. Call us on 1300 271 290 for more information on our huge range of pipe repair clamp solutions.

Encapsulating Pipe Repair Clamps
Encapsulating Pipe Repair Clamps

Encapsulating Pipe Repair Clamps

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Shipping pipe repair clamps to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Adelaide

Conducting repairs on water systems and other industries that use pipes can be a fiddly process. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY plumber who wants to grab a few tools of the trade, or you’re an experienced professional repairperson, Dewater Products has the biggest range of spare parts and accessories for you. Our pipe clamps are used by people from across Australia, from Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and beyond.

Learn why we’re Australia’s trusted suppliers of water system parts and accessories by chatting to our team.

Why use pipe repair clamps?

Pipe clamps are a valuable part of any water system repairs kit. Whilst repairs or alterations are being done, the clamp keeps the pipes steady. They fit snugly to the pipe, securing it so that even the smallest and most minute repairs to broken, damaged, leaky, or corroded pipes can be conducted more easily. We stock pipe repair clamps from leading brands such as Teekay, Orbit, and Straub, using the best materials to ensure that our products meet your expectations every time. Need help choosing the right fit? Speak to our team today.

Based in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or beyond? we ship to you

When you need a reliable supplier of pipe repair clamps, order your parts from Dewater Products. An Australian company based in Perth, we have been providing companies with high quality pipe repair clamps, rubber expansion joints, pipe couplings, and more. Our products are sought after by companies nationwide; regardless of where you’re located in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, or Melbourne, your order will be shipped to your workshop as soon as possible. Want to learn more about our pipe repair clamps or something else in our range? Contact us on 1300 271 290 to speak to one of our friendly team members.