Flange Adapter supplier in Australia

Flange Adapter products supplied nationally across Australia with free delivery*. We supply flange adapter products for pipelines to all cities in Australia, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.

We are a professional supplier and distributor of Flange Adapter products for pipelines in Australia.

Two models are available from us, a stainless steel flange adapter with an OD range of 30.0mm to 4064.0mm, and a universal flange adapter with an OD range of 63.0mm to 315.0mm.

The flange adapter is a useful product when trying to connect a plain ended pipe to a flanged pipe, or valve during an installation or replacement project. Pipe fitters find it easier to install a flange adapter than weld flanges to old pipes on site, and pipes are often underground or in difficult to reach places.

The flange adapter will be delivered fully assembled and ready to install.

Always check the pipe outside diameter before ordering and check that the pipe is round and not distorted in shape. For the flange adapter to seal around the pipe correctly, the pipe needs to be smooth, free from dents and scratches, and cleaned.

The full face flange allows for a larger sealing surface, allowing for a pipe stop feature as well.

The flange adapter is manufactured to be corrosion protected with a long design life.

Ensure that the working pressure of the product will be suitable, and if the pressure is high we will consult with you on the best product to use. If the flange adapter is being used on a water pipe application, then WRAS approved lubricant should be used to help slide on the flange adapter.

When installing both pipes must be aligned. Flange adapters seal on the pipe OD by the tightening of the bolts which joins the two pipes together. There are restrained and unrestrained models of flange adapter. The deflection limit of the flange adaptor must not be exceeded. Tighten with a torque wrench to the recommended torque.