Y Strainer

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The Y strainer is a permanent pipeline strainer for filtering out debris. Available in a range of sizes and flange specifications. Available in a range of materials and surface finishes.

The Y strainer is an economical pipeline strainer, providing a reliable straining function. Protect your equipment from potential damage by catching dirt and debris in the strainer. The Y strainer is named after its Y shape design. The internal filter screen is removable and regular cleaning and maintenance is required to keep the correct flow rate going through it, and avoiding build up and causing a restriction in the pipeline.


Different strainer mesh aperture sizes are available to suit your application. Please consider your working pressure and smallest particle size you would like to strain.

We also sell pipe spool strainers engineered and designed as a pipe spool to be highly robust and efficient with a drain outlet at the bottom, which can have a flange or lugged valve attached to it. This will ensure the pipe can be emptied of any media caught by the strainer and keep the pipeline clear. The design can have an outlet at the bottom with no bend, if the media is very thick and may need prodding to loosen.

Available with a range of wedge wire screens suitable for flow rate, pressure and media type. It must be mentioned and requested that a wedge wire screen is required, so that perforated screens are not supplied.

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