Triple Arch Rubber Expansion Joint

Triple Arch Rubber Expansion Joints available with free delivery Australia wide*. We supply rubber expansion joints to all cities in Australia, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.

Triple Arch Rubber Expansion Joints are available in two different models, the unfilled arch and filled arch.

The triple arch rubber expansion joint is a hand built product manufactured using high strength and high quality rubber.

The design uses three arches in a rubber spool with full rubber faces, providing good movement and flexibility, vibration control and dampening, taking up pipe misalignment, thermal expansion, relieving stress and reducing noise a long a pipeline. The triple arch allows greater movements than single and double arch models.

A steel flange acts as a backing ring, and to enable nuts and washers to be securely tightened. The full rubber flange face provides an excellent seal.

Filled Arch type

The filled arch type is to be used on suction pipes as the negative pressure rating is 750mm.H.g.

The filled arch type is to be used on mining slurry applications as it is hard wearing and no slurry will get trapped inside with its smooth straight filled arch bore. Other applications include de-watering suction pipes, dredging suction pipes, sand/gravel, mineral processing and tailings.

Unfilled Arch type

The unfilled arch type is good for any application where elongation, compression and angular movement is required with vibration absorption.

Custom designs are available on request.

Contact us for more information on triple arch rubber expansion joints as they are hand made and can be manufactured to suit your requirements.