Foot Valve

Foot Valve range available with free delivery Australia wide*. The foot valve is a useful flow control valve and has 3 functions. The foot valve not only acts as a back flow preventing device, it also stops large debris from being sucked into the pump system, and keeps the pump suction line primed.

We currently sell 3 different types of foot valves - Galvanised, 316 Stainless Steel and Polyethylene. Contact us for more information.

A foot valve is installed to keep a pump primed. It helps a pump to extract water or fluid. This is done by only allowing one way water flow to avoid water or fluid loss in a suction line. As soon as the pump stops the valve closes. It is important to use a foot valve on a pump suction line because it prevents dry running which will essentially damage the pump.

The strainer part of the foot valve keeps out large particles to protect the pump and maintain a good sealing surface for the valve disc closure. Our foot valves are designed to have a large unrestricted area for suction and minimal pressure drop.

Foot valves are easy to install, and when good quality they are very reliable. They can be used in a river, reservoir, lake, pond, flooded area, underground well and storage tank.

A soft rubber seat for the valve disc to close on to is essential for a 100% seal and no loss of prime. The foot valve is a cheap way to prime a pump, installed at the pick up end of the suction line.

The foot valve opens by the pump suction when the pump is operating, water or fluid is sucked up into the pump. When the pump is turned off, suction stops and gravity force comes in to play, making the water already in between the valve closure area and the pump suction flange fall back down, the weight of this water or fluid will act on the swinging valve disc forcing it to close. The weight of the water or fluid on the valve disc, is what provides the 100% tight seal.

The strainer part of a foot valve needs to be cleaned reguarly to keep the holes clear so the valve and pump can keep running properly with no restriction, providing good flow results.

The quick release lever on a foot valve allows the user to remotely force the valve disc open, releasing water or fluid out of the suction line. This is done by attaching a cable to the hole drilled into the end of the lever, and running the cable up the suction line to the pump. This feature is very useful as foot valves are normally positioned in hard to reach places.