Australia’s Check Valve Suppliers of Choice

Otherwise known as clack, one-way or non-return valves, check valves are unique in the sense that they only allow fluid to pass in one direction. This function is essential in a wide range of applications and helps prevent overflow.

They operate as a two-port system with an entry and exit point for fluid or gas and a mechanism separating the two. After matter is drawn into the first port, this mechanism—of which there are several different types—regulates flow by allowing the fluid or gas to transfer from the first to the second port without anything re-entering the first port. In other words, flow can be restricted to a single direction as required.

We operate as check valve suppliers in Perth and across Australia with a wide range of types available; these include swing check, dual plate and many more. Each uses a different mechanism to regulate flow, but generally serve the same purpose.

Most check valves are designed to function without any human interaction or automation; instead, they allow the force of the fluid or gas to push open the mechanism as it travels through the pipeline. When nothing is flowing through the valve, it naturally falls back into its original position.

Numerous different materials can be used for the main composition and the seat depending on the application. Check valves also require a specific amount of pressure before opening—also known as the “cracking pressure”. Similarly, the degree to which it opens depends on the flow rate.