Swing Check Valve

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Swing check valves are a commonly used form of check valve with an internal disc which swings on a hinge and securing pin—hence the name. Depending on the direction of flow, it will open as the disc is pushed upwards or close as the disc falls down.

Forward flow from the pump allows the fluid to open the disc and pass through the valve correctly. Reverse flow (or back flow) occurs when the pump shuts down or fails, causing the material being pumped to flow backwards under the force of gravity. This can also happen if the gate or butterfly valve has not closed properly.

These valves are highly robust and heavy-duty, and help protect pumps and drive systems by preventing reverse flow of the fluid being pumped. Being full bore, no pressure loss occurs when a gate valve is used.

Swing check valves are CE approved, ISO approved, API-6D approved

This valve can be made from a range of materials including ductile iron (DI), cast iron (CI), cast steel (WCB), stainless steel and more. The seat material—which is responsible for sealing in fluid and absorbing the impact of the disc as it closes—can be made from anything from resilient EPDM to hard chrome. A hard chrome seat is most suitable for abrasive materials due as it is far more hard wearing.

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