Ball Check Valve

Ball Check Valves are available in Australia with free delivery*. Using a ball internally which moves inside the designed valve body, falling back when flow reverses to seal and prevent back flow. Good for low pressure such as 1600kPA. 

The Ball Check Valve is installed in a pipeline to prevent back flow. These valves are self cleaning with a full size and smooth bore.

The forward flow of the fluid through the valve body rotates the rubber coated ball which keeps it clean, and virtually maintenance free as there is nowhere for deposits to build up, no parts to seize up or corrode, and no springs or pins to fail.

The ball check valve is a simple and reliable solution for your pipeline and can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

A compact and lightweight valve for easy installation.

Flanged and threaded options 

Steel and Stainless Steel body options

Body Test Pressure is 24 Bar, Seat Test Pressure is 16 Bar

- Other flange options available from the factory

- Larger sizes available on request

We supply Ball Check Valves to all cities in Australia, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra.