Flanged Pinch Valve

Flanged Pinch Valves available with free delivery Australia wide*. We supply Flanged Pinch Valves to all cities in Australia, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.

The pinch valve is an isolation valve most suited to slurry applications and the mining industry. The valve works by using a flexible hard wearing sleeve which opens and closes via a pinching effect mechanism. This enables a good sealing closure for thick fluid.

Size range: DN25 (1") to DN600 (24")

Flange specification options: AS2129 Table D/E, ANSI CLASS 150

Specifically designed for harsh and highly abrasive media in a pipeline, where other types of flow control valves would fail. Fitted with a premium rubber sleeve, the sleeve is the only wearing part on the valve. Designed to be durable and serviceable, a rubber sleeve can be changed in less than one hour.

The pinch valve is a flow control valve with a full bore and dual action pinch closure mechanism. Designed for full flow, modulating flow, and zero leakage with a 100% sealing design.

The pinch bars are kept away from the abrasive media, by being protected by the rubber sleeve, there are two types of pinch valves being an enclosed valve body and open valve body design. Both models are designed to be robust and heavy duty, built for durability.

The heavy duty internal pinch mechanism requires very little force to open and close the valve by hand using a handwheel. Actuators can also be installed. Operable at maximum working pressure.

The integrated end flange gaskets on the pinch sleeve ensure zero leakage when installed on the pipeline to mating flanges.

The pinch valve is also a bi-directional shut off valve, and is self cleaning. The smooth inner surface is designed with a full bore size, and has no cavities for material to accumulate.

The valve stem is never in contact with the media inside the pipe, therefore unlike other valves, the valve stem would never seize or fail due to the pipeline media.

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