Orbit Couplings

Orbit Couplings Pipe Coupling products available with free delivery Australia wide*.

The pipe couplings are economical and affordable and available with very short lead times. Orbit Couplings came onto the Australian pipe coupling market in 2015 and have quickly become popular due to their good quality, affordability and short lead times. In use on high pressure and low pressure applications around Australia.

WRAS approval on EPDM rubber allows for use on potable water. Contact us for more information.


Combo Lock

Combo Lock

  • Size From: 114.3mm x 110.0mm
  • Body: 316ss/EPDM
  • Pressure Range: 0 TO 28 BAR

From $499.00

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We can supply pipe coupling products around Australia to Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and more.

Pipe couplings provide a fast and easy permanent connection to join two pipes together. With a minimum of two bolts, simply slip over or wrap around the ends of the two pipes and tighten the bolts to the torque mentioned on the product label.

There are different models of pipe couplings to suit different applications and pipe materials. There are restrained couplings and non restrained couplings. Restrained couplings provide pull out resistance, axial restraint and lock the pipes together having no allowance for vibration or movement. Non restrained couplings are however designed to allow for vibration and movement but do no provide pull out resistance, axial restraint or lock the pipes together.