Straub pipe repair clamp supplier in Australia

Straub pipe repair clamps available with free delivery Australia wide*. We supply Straub pipe repair clamps to all cities in Australia, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.

We are a professional supplier of Straub pipe repair clamp products in Australia. Contact us for more information on the Straub clamp range of products.

Straub clamp facts:

  • Straub have over 50 years of experience manufacturing pipe repair clamps and have a global reputation.
  • Straub are manufactured in Switzerland and were the first brand on the market more than half of a century ago.
  • There are 3 different models of Straub pipe repair clamps available in a range of sizes, materials and pressure ratings. We can supply all 3 different models which include the Straub Open-Flex range, SCE Clamp range and SCZ Clamp range.
  • Straub repair clamps available in size range 44.0mm to 4064.0mm.

General information on Straub pipe repair clamps:

  • The Straub pipe repair clamp range is the SCE and SCZ model. The Straub Open Flex coupling range can also be used as pipe repair clamps as they open and can wrap around a pipe just like a pipe repair clamp.
  • The Straub SCE model has a size range of 44mm to 330mm pipe outside diameters. Pressure ratings of 16 Bar to 10 Bar.
  • The Straub SCZ model is a two part casing model and has a size range of 88mm to 440mm pipe outside diameters. Pressure ratings of 16 Bar to 5 Bar.
  • The Straub Open Flex range is available in sizes from 48.3mm to 4064.0mm.
  • The casing material of the Straub clamps is 304 stainless steel, with an NBR sealing sleeve. EPDM rubber sealing sleeves are available on request. Straub Open Flex products are available in 316 stainless steel and hot dip galvanised.
  • The Straub clamps will suit all pipe materials and are axially flexible.
  • No special tools are required, just a torque wrench.
  • The radial length of the damaged area must not be greater than 20% of the pipe outside diameter. For example 219.1mm divide by 5 is 43.82mm. So the maximum radial damage on a 219.1mm outside diameter pipe must not be greater than 43.82mm.

The purpose of Straub pipe repair clamps:

  • Straub pipe repair clamps are designed to wrap around pipes, to stop and seal the leakage of fluid or gas from a hole, crack or because of pipe corrosion.
  • Can offer permanent and temporary repair.
  • Easy to use and install, providing a fast solution.
  • Can be used on pipes above or below ground, and under water.
  • The rubber lining provides a 100% seal around the full circumference of the pipe.

The table below provides a quick overview of the Straub pipe repair clamp range of products:

Model Size range Width range Pressure rating range
Straub Clamp SCE 44.0mm to 320.0mm 200mm to 400mm wide 16 Bar to 10 Bar
Straub Clamp SCZ 88.0mm to 440.0mm 200mm to 400mm wide 16 Bar to 5 Bar
Straub Open Flex 1L 48.3mm to 168.3mm 75mm to 107mm wide 25 Bar to 16 Bar
Straub Open Flex 2 172.0mm to 2032.0mm 138mm to 148mm wide 25 Bar to 2 Bar
Straub Open Flex 3 219.1mm to 4064.0mm 210mm to 218mm wide 25 Bar to 1 Bar
Straub Open Flex 3.5 323.9mm to 4064.0mm 310mm to 311mm wide 25 Bar to 1 Bar
Straub Open Flex 4 323.9mm to 4064.0mm 443mm to 444mm wide 25 Bar to 1 Bar
Straub Open Flex 1L GT 73.0mm to 168.3mm 94mm to 107mm wide 16 Bar to 16 Bar


How to install a Straub pipe repair clamp:

  1. Determine where the hole, crack or corrosion is on the pipe, and determine the width of clamp required to fully cover the damaged area. Assuming the outside diameter of the pipe has already been determined.
  2. Clean the area on the pipe where the clamp will be clamping around, to ensure the clamp will fully seal and stop the leak. Using a heavy duty rag and wire brush should be sufficient.
  3. Using a permanent marker, mark the clamp width on the pipe, ensuring that the damage on the pipe is in the centre of the pipe repair clamp. All damage must be in the centre of the pipe repair clamp.
  4. Some pipe materials will require a lubricant to be spread over the rubber seal on the inside of the pipe repair clamp, to ensure the rubber seal doesnt get damaged during installation.
  5. Open the pipe repair clamp, and wrap around the pipe as close to the damage as possible.
  6. Loosely tighten the bolts on the clamp, so that you can quickly slide the clamp over the damaged area between your line markings you made.
  7. As quickly as possible, when the clamp is in position, start to tighten the bolts with a torque wrench, starting with the middle bolt(s) and working outwards.
  8. Torque all bolts to the required torque mentioned on the label of the pipe repair clamp.

Note: Always install a Straub pipe repair clamp centred over the crack or hole in the pipe. This will ensure the greatest chance of a 100% seal with zero leakage.