Orbit Couplings

Pipe Repair Clamp products by Orbit Couplings available with free delivery Australia wide*. We can supply pipe repair clamps to suit almost any application with a range suitable for very narrow locations, very long cracks in pipes requiring wide clamps, high pressure applications, chemical applications, and leaking bell joint connections.

Orbit Couplings have a range of pipe repair clamp models such as the economical Repair Clamp available in different widths upto 600mm wide. The Elbow Repair Clamp which is a great clamp for pipe elbows. Flex Grip Open and Flex Grip Open 2 are good for both repair clamp use and pipe coupling use aswell as for high pressure applications. Contact us for more information.

WRAS approved EPDM rubber for potable water use.

We can supply pipe repair clamp products to all over Australia including Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and beyond.

Pipe repair clamps solve many problems such as circumferential breaks, corrosion holes, impact damage, and longitudinal cracks in pipes. The repair clamp when fitted around the problem will provide a reliable seal to a wide range of pipe materials and outside diameter sizes.

All pipe repair clamp products are designed to be fitted to the outside of a pipe, without any pipe removal or disassembly.

When installing a pipe repair clamp, always ensure the pipe outside diameter has been measured, to ensure the correct size of clamp is going to be installed. Clean the surface of the pipe where the clamp is going to fit over, this ensures the rubber gasket seal will have good contact with the pipe for sealing a 100% tight seal with zero leakage.

Next using a permanent marker pen and a tape measure, firstly measure the width of the repair clamp onto the pipe, with the middle of the crack or hole in the middle of this length measured and mark on the pipe two outer lines. This will help the installer to remember where the hole or crack is once the clamp is wrapped over the pipe, before tightening the bolts.

Before wrapping the clamp around the pipe, lubricate the rubber gasket and pipe, this could be done quickly with a paint brush to apply the lubricant with.

Tighten the middle bolt or bolts first, and work your way out to the outer bolts. Never exceed the maximum bolt tightness mentioned on the product label. Check the bolt tightness with a torque wrench 30 minutes after the clamp has been in use.

All repair clamp products are designed to allow for pipe movement.

Please note that repair clamps cannot be used to join two pipes together. Pipe repair clamps are designed only to seal a leak or crack in a pipe. Pipe couplings must always be selected when wanting to join and connect two pipes together.