Orbit Couplings - Pipe Repair Clamps

Pipe Repair Clamp products by Orbit Couplings available with free delivery Australia wide*. We supply Orbit pipe clamps to all cities in Australia, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart and more.

We can supply pipe repair clamps to suit almost any application with a range suitable for very narrow locations, very long cracks in pipes requiring wide clamps, high pressure applications, chemical applications, and leaking bell joint connections.

WRAS approved EPDM rubber for potable water use.

Orbit Couplings have a range of 13 different pipe repair clamp models such as the economical Repair Clamp available in different lengths upto 400mm long. The Elbow Repair Clamp which is a great clamp for pipe elbows, the Flex Grip Open, Flex Grip 2 and Open Flex 400-L are good for both repair clamp use and pipe coupling use as well as for high pressure applications.

The table below shows an overview of the Orbit Pipe Repair Clamp product range:

Model Size range Pressure Rating range
Orbit Flex Grip Open S 20.0mm to 355.6mm 32 Bar to 8 Bar
Orbit Flex Grip Open L 32.0mm to 355.6mm 32 Bar to 8 Bar
Orbit Flex Grip 2 S -  4 S 20.0mm to 4064.0mm 32 Bar to 2.5 Bar
Orbit Flex Grip 2 L -  4 L 20.0mm to 4064.0mm 32 Bar - 2.5 Bar
Orbit Elbow Repair Clamp 15.8mm to 508.0mm 40 Bar to 9 Bar
Orbit Repair Clamp 55mm wide 48.3mm to 57.0mm 16 Bar to 16 Bar
Orbit Repair Clamp 200mm wide 48.3mm to 280.0mm 16 Bar to 10 Bar
Orbit Repair Clamp 300mm wide - single casing model 48.3mm to 330.0mm 16 Bar to 10 Bar
Orbit Repair Clamp 300mm wide - double casing model 88.0mm to 367.0mm 16 Bar to 10 Bar
Orbit Repair Clamp 400mm wide - single casing model 88.0mm to 330.0mm 16 Bar to 10 Bar
Orbit Repair Clamp 400mm wide - double casing model 88.0mm to 440.0mm 16 Bar to 10 Bar
Orbit Open Flex 400-L 200.0mm to 1524.0mm 24 Bar to 5 Bar
Orbit Open Flex 300-L 200.0mm to 1524.0mm 25 Bar to 5 Bar
Orbit Open Flex 200-L 148.0mm to 2010.0mm 25 Bar to 2 Bar
Orbit Universal Dual Clamp 88.0mm to 328.0mm 16 Bar
Orbit Encapsulating Pipe Repair Clamp 92.0mm to 1678.0mm 25 Bar to 16 Bar

Test Pressure = Bar x 1.5

Facts about Orbit pipe repair clamps:

  • Orbit pipe repair clamps have been on the Australian market since 2015
  • Orbit pipe repair clamps are widely used in Australia and parts of Asia
  • Orbit pipe repair clamps are assembled in Australia
  • Orbit Couplings manufacture 13 different models of clamps for pipe repair solutions.
  • Orbit Couplings can manufacture small orders in 3 working days, and large orders in 7 to 10 days

General information on Orbit pipe repair clamps:

  • Orbit pipe repair clamps solve many problems such as circumferential breaks, corrosion holes, impact damage, and longitudinal cracks in pipes. The repair clamp when fitted around the problem will provide a reliable seal to a wide range of pipe materials and outside diameter sizes.
  • All pipe repair clamp products are designed to be fitted to the outside of a pipe, without any pipe removal or disassembly.
  • All repair clamp products are designed to allow for pipe movement.
  • Teflon coated bolts protect the stainless steel bolt threads, and allow for smooth nut tightening.
  • Rubber materials such as Viton and Silicone will allow for special application requirements.

The purpose of Orbit pipe repair clamps:

  • Pipes get old and start to crack, develop holes, and corrode, and cause a loss of fluid or gas leakage through these pipe problems. A fast solution to stop the loss of fluid or gas is to fit an Orbit repair clamp, providing a durable long lasting seal.
  • Pipes can also be damaged during installation, or some other mishap, and the quickest solution can be to install a pipe repair clamp to fix the problem.
  • Welding pipes can often be dangerous or impossible to do in certain circumstances, and welding can usually cause more problems years later, where the last solution is to fit a pipe repair clamp.
  • Manufacturing the clamps from Stainless Steel and rubber, ensures that no further corrosion will occur, or will be minimised as much as possible.
  • A pipe repair clamp provides a full seal around the full circumference of the pipe, covering the width of the clamp as well, acting similar to the pipe shape design for pressure allowance.

Selecting the correct length for a pipe repair clamp:

  • It is important that where ever possible, the length of a pipe repair clamp should be the same as the outside diameter of the pipe. For example if the outside diameter of the pipe is 323.9mm, then the length of the pipe repair clamp should be approximately 300mm.
  • There will be circumstances where the length cannot be the same as the pipe outside diameter. Such as any pipe outside diameter larger than 400.0mm, as our longest clamp is 400mm long.
  • If you have a pipe with an outside diameter of 200.0mm, but a crack or pipe rupture which is 100mm long, then a 200mm long clamp will not be safe to use, and you will need a longer clamp such as 300mm or 400mm long.
  • The recommended rule for selecting a pipe clamp length for sealing a pipe with a pipe crack or pipe rupture, is to measure the length of the crack or rupture at its longest length, and multiply this length by 3. So for example, if the crack or rupture is 100mm long, 100mm x 3 = 300mm. So the minimum length of the pipe repair clamp should be 300mm.
  • It is also important to remember that the radial length of a hole or crack, should only be a maximum of 20% of the outside diameter, when a pipe repair clamp is recommended. If the radial length of the hole or crack is greater than 20% of the pipe outside diameter, the section of pipe will need to be removed, and replaced.

How to install an Orbit pipe repair clamp:

  1. When installing a pipe repair clamp, always ensure the pipe outside diameter has been measured, to ensure the correct size of clamp is going to be installed.
  2. Clean the surface of the pipe where the clamp is going to fit over, this ensures the rubber gasket seal will have good contact with the pipe for sealing a 100% tight seal with zero leakage.
  3. Next using a permanent marker pen and a tape measure, firstly measure the width of the repair clamp onto the pipe, with the middle of the crack or hole in the middle of this length measured and mark on the pipe two outer lines. This will help the installer to remember where the hole or crack is once the clamp is wrapped over the pipe, before tightening the bolts.
  4. Before wrapping the clamp around the pipe, lubricate the rubber gasket and pipe, this could be done quickly with a paint brush to apply the lubricant with.
  5. Open the pipe repair clamp and wrap it around the pipe, and quickly tighthen the bolts.
  6. Tighten the middle bolt or bolts first, and work your way out to the outer bolts. Tighten to the torque stated on the clamp label. Never exceed the maximum bolt tightness mentioned on the product label.
  7. Check the bolt tightness with a torque wrench 30 minutes after the clamp has been in use.