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Straub Couplings are available with free delivery Australia wide*. We supply Straub Couplings to all cities in Australia, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart. 

We are a professional Straub coupling supplier and distributor in Australia. Contact us for more information on the Straub product range.

Straub coupling facts:

  • Straub Couplings are manufactured in Switzerland and were the first brand on the market more than half of a century ago.
  • There are 22 different models of Straub couplings available in a range of sizes, materials and pressure ratings. We can supply all 22 models which include the Straub Metal Grip, Grip-L, Fire-Fence, Eco Grip, Combi-Grip, Plast-Grip, Plast-Pro, Flex, Open-Flex, Step-Flex, Clamp and more.
  • Available in sizes from 26.9mm to 4064.0mm. High and low pressure coupling options.

General Straub coupling information:

  • Straub Couplings are high quality pipe couplings which join pipes of all materials in an easy way, installed using a torque wrench, no special tool requirements or preparation of pipe ends. No welding is required, therefore safety is high with no risk of fire or explosion.
  • Being lightweight they are very easy to install, and manufactured from corrosion resistant materials. The couplings save time and money. The locking mechanism on the couplings can be moved around the pipe to the desired position for tightening with a torque wrench, allowing great flexibility when installing. Great for small areas and tight spaces. Installation can be acheived in 2 minutes.

The purpose of Straub couplings:

  • The couplings can handle pipe misalignments and vibrations, and depending on the model they can also provide axial restraint and pull out resistance. Anchor points are required on pipes when using the Straub Flex and Straub Open Flex models.
  • The couplings are designed to be low profile, so they can fit in tight spaces, they are also reusable, easy to handle, store and carry around.
  • Having a robust rubber seal design, the design allows a good connection of pipes with zero leakage. The rubber sealing effect is progressive, meaning when flow pressure increases, so does the contact pressure of the sealing lip between the pipe surface and rubber on the coupling. Also the same applies to the grip rings which tighten down more on the pipe surface when flow pressure increases.
  • The couplings can be installed on both pressure and suction pipes and can also be installed on drainage and sewage pipes.
  • The rubber seal on the couplings will reduce vibrations, pressure blow and reduce fatigue failures.

The table below provides a quick overview of the Straub product range:

Model Size range Pressure rating range
Straub Metal Grip 30.0mm to 609.6mm 67 Bar to 5 Bar
Straub Metal Grip GT 60.3mm to 139.7mm 37 Bar to 32 Bar
Straub Grip L 26.9mm to 609.6mm 46 Bar to 1 Bar
Straub Metal Grip Fire Fence 30.0mm to 457.2mm 67 Bar to 8 Bar
Straub Grip L Fire Fence 26.9mm to 406.4mm 46 Bar to 3 Bar
Straub Eco Grip 26.9mm to 168.3mm 6 Bar to 6 Bar
Straub Combi Grip 38.0mm to 162.0mm 16 Bar to 16 Bar
Straub Plast Grip 39.0mm to 162.0mm 16 Bar to 16 Bar
Straub Flex 1L 48.3mm to 168.3mm 25 Bar to 16 Bar
Straub Flex 2 172.0mm to 2032.0mm 25 Bar to 2 Bar
Straub Flex 3 219.1mm to 4064.0mm 25 Bar to 1 Bar
Straub Open Flex 1L 48.3mm to 168.3mm 25 Bar to 16 Bar
Straub Open Flex 2 172.0mm to 2032.0mm 25 Bar to 2 Bar
Straub Open Flex 3 219.1mm to 4064.0mm 25 Bar to 1 Bar
Straub Flex / Open Flex 3.5 323.9mm to 4064.0mm 25 Bar to 1 Bar
Straub Flex / Open Flex 4 323.9mm to 4064.0mm 25 Bar to 1 Bar
Straub Open Flex 1L GT 73.0mm to 168.3mm 16 Bar to 16 Bar
Straub Step Flex 2 250.0mm to 842.0mm 25 Bar to 3.5 Bar
Straub Step Flex 3 914.4mm to 4094.0mm 23 Bar to 2 Bar
Straub Clamp SCE 44.0mm to 320.0mm 16 Bar to 10 Bar
Straub Clamp SCZ 88.0mm to 420.0mm 16 Bar to 5 Bar

Test pressure = Bar x 1.5

How to install a Straub Coupling:

  1. Loosen the bolts on the Straub coupling if required.
  2. Set the two pipes to the recommended pipe gap stated on the label of the Straub coupling.
  3. Place the Straub coupling next to the pipe gap, line up the gap to be where the centre of the Straub coupling is, and with a permanent marker, mark the edges of the Straub coupling onto the pipe, so that you know where to set the Straub coupling before tightening the bolts.
  4. Slide the Straub coupling over the first pipe and then slide over the second pipe to where the markings are. This will ensure the centre of the Straub Coupling covers the pipe gap. This also ensures that the bolts tighten onto the pipe ends correctly.
  5. Using a torque wrench, start tightening the bolts and finally tighten to the torque stated on the Straub coupling label.

Note - Straub Open Flex pipe couplings are designed to open so that no sliding over pipes needs to occur. Installation of a Straub Open Flex can be similar to a pipe repair clamp.