Maximizing Pump Reliability and Efficiency with Customizable Y Strainers

Author: Dewater Products  Date Posted:5 July 2023 

Maintaining pump reliability and efficiency is critical for industries that heavily rely on pumping systems. Y strainers offer an array of advantages over other filtration options, making them an excellent choice for safeguarding pumps and ensuring smooth operations. In this blog post, we will explore four crucial factors that make Y strainers the preferred filtration solution for industries seeking to maximize pump reliability and efficiency.

Y Strainers

Why Choose a Y Strainer Over a Basket Strainer

Y strainers present several compelling advantages over basket strainers, making them the optimal choice for specific applications. They offer the following advantages:

Compact Size and Installation Flexibility

One of the primary reasons to choose Y strainers is their compact size, allowing them to be installed in tight spaces or close to the ground. This makes them ideal for low-level pipelines near concrete support bases for pumps where space is limited. On the other hand, basket strainers require more room due to their larger internal basket size.

Efficient Filtration for Smaller Volumes

Y strainers offer exceptional filtration efficiency despite their smaller size. They are best suited for applications where small volumes of unwanted debris are expected over specific periods. However, for applications requiring less frequent inspections and cleanouts, simplex basket strainers, with their taller internal baskets for collecting more debris, may be more appropriate.


Y strainers are generally more economical to purchase than simplex basket strainers of the same size and materials. For budget-conscious industries, Y strainers provide an attractive filtration solution without compromising on performance.

Versatility in High-Pressure Applications

Y strainers are highly versatile and can handle high-pressure, high-temperature, and steam applications, making them the preferred choice across various industries.

Y Strainers for Maximum Pump Reliability and Efficiency

Y strainers play a pivotal role in enhancing pump reliability and efficiency by providing a host of benefits:

Debris Capture and Pump Protection

The primary function of Y strainers is to catch and trap suspended solids and abrasive materials before they reach the pump. By preventing unwanted debris from entering the pump's mechanical parts, Y strainers significantly reduce the risk of pump damage and progressive wear, thereby increasing the pump's reliability and extending its lifespan.

Long Service Life in Corrosive Applications

Y strainers made from materials like CF8M cast 316 stainless steel exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for use in corrosive environments.

Proper Installation for Optimal Performance

To ensure maximum efficiency, Y strainers must be installed with the direction arrow marked on the strainer body aligned in the same direction as the flow. This ensures that the strainer operates at its peak performance, providing effective filtration.

Wide Range of Flange Specifications

Y strainers can be flanged with various specifications, such as AS2129 Table D and Table E, ANSI 150LB, ANSI 300LB, AS4087 PN16, and more. This provides versatility in system design, allowing Y strainers to be seamlessly integrated into various piping configurations.

Customizing a Removable Stainless Steel Filter Screen for Maximum Pump Reliability and Efficiency

The heart of a Y strainer's efficient filtering lies in its removable stainless steel filter screen. Customizing the mesh size of this screen allows for precise filtration tailored to specific applications:

Cleaning Fluids and Air

The mesh size of the removable stainless steel filter screen determines the filtration level, making it suitable for applications requiring fluid purification or air quality improvement. Depending on the mesh size, the screen can efficiently clean fluids or air, ensuring optimal pump performance.

Selecting the Mesh Size

Customizing the mesh size involves setting the aperture size of the screen based on the largest object that the pump can handle without compromising reliability or efficiency. For instance, if the pump can handle a 2mm diameter stone, the aperture size of the screen should be set to 2mm. This allows smaller objects to pass through, while any debris larger than 2mm is collected in the screen and can be easily removed during cleaning.

Considerations for Maintenance

It's crucial to assess the application closely to determine whether a larger aperture size is permissible. Allowing larger objects to pass through the screen will increase the time period between cleanouts and maintenance. However, if the application requires water or air purification and finer filtration, a smaller mesh size may be necessary, leading to more frequent cleanouts.

Fabricated Perforated Screens

For aperture sizes smaller than 1mm/Mesh 18, thin wire stainless steel mesh welded to a thicker stainless steel screen is used. For aperture sizes larger than 1mm/Mesh 18, fabricated perforated stainless steel screens are employed, suitable for high-pressure applications above 1000kPa.

Heavy Duty Y Stainers

Heavy Duty Y Strainer Removable Screens

For applications involving large, heavy debris that could damage a standard removable screen, a heavy-duty Y strainer screen is essential as it provides a robust solution:

Enhanced Pump Protection

The primary purpose of a heavy-duty removable screen is to provide added defense, reducing the likelihood of screen failure and preventing debris from entering the pump.

Durable Construction

Heavy-duty screens are fabricated using thicker stainless steel, typically 3mm thick, and include crossbars and strengthening rings to increase rigidity and durability. This heavy-duty construction ensures that the screen can withstand the harsh conditions associated with heavy debris applications.


Heavy-duty screens are available for aperture sizes greater than 1mm/Mesh 18, as they are not suitable for smaller aperture sizes.

Note: Please make sure to advise us at the time of inquiry if a Heavy Duty removable Y strainer screen is required for your application.


Y strainers offer an array of advantages that maximize pump reliability and efficiency. Their compact size, efficient filtration, cost-effectiveness, and versatility in high-pressure applications make them the preferred choice for many industries. By customizing the removable stainless steel filter screen, Y strainers can be tailored to suit specific applications, ensuring efficient filtering and protecting pumps from unwanted debris. For applications involving large, heavy debris, the installation of a heavy-duty Y strainer removable screen provides added defence, safeguarding pumps and minimizing the risk of screen failure. In conclusion, Y strainers are a valuable investment for industries seeking to optimize pump performance, reduce maintenance costs, and increase overall reliability, ensuring smooth and efficient pumping operations.